Healing story

Life is bearing lessons. When there are differences betwen you and your immage about you, You’ll be teached a lesson in the hard way.

So I was ill of a sort of depression. Any interaction with people around me was very hard, painful and some times I preferred to avoid it at any costs. More pain I felt if the person was closer to me. A 10 min talk with wife, kids or parents could get me so tired that i had to go to sleep or just run away.

Started to go alone in small hikes in the forests because I felt no social pressure there. It were a break from the trash which i made of my life. And this is the first step for self healing: take a break.

# First of all: Take a real break. You have to go in a place where there is nothing to do for your problems. Take two days without connection with the rest of the world. A small creek, A silent forest, a meadow near spring, maybe a book you like, any of those wil do the real break.

And then the magic happens: your body, your soul, whatever you else are, will start healing. You just gave space and time to this being in nature, made by nature to heal and it does.

It could work if you retreat in a bed where nobody comes, without a telephone, with an easy book and a lot of tea. Not sure about that, I do not know, but i can tell you what it worked to me: outside home – inside Nature’s womb. Where there is nothing for sale, nothing quite dangerous, nothing urgent.

I could write a book about how you should or should not be, but I’m too young for that: take a break, breathe, taste the water from a spring, breathe, look around, u’re ok now, breathe.

The rest of the process is personal. As your being start to move toward the light you will feel the guidance from within. At some moment your body will feel, will speak to you.


relax now, breathe.

This is not a real scenery

2000 years of healing history.

We found coins and inscriptions bringing thanks to the gods since the first years of our era.

This is Băile Herculane Romania. The place where romans builded public baths. After the Roman empire retreats, until the Austrian empire set foot in this region, more than 1300 years there was no medicine, no doctor, (no science!)

But people healed here in 1738 and they were comming from(Macedonia!) hundreds kilometers away (Austrian source) to heal.

How they did it, is right now a collection of habits, customs and strange storyes we do not fully comprehend. We had, just a couple years ago in some remote hamlets, local illiterate witches. And we still have the „cure trails”

## Go walk the forest

The Austrian architects designed more than 200 years ago paths in the forest wich they called ”Cure Paths” Those trails were a part of every healing procedure 200 years since.

So the doctor was telling you:
”You will walk every day on this path, You have no target, no purpose, just walk. As long as you enjoy it, walk. Do not sweat! If you sweat, that means you hurry too much. Go as slow as possible keeping on the path. Shortcuts are without any meaning. When it becomes inconfortable, when any joint or muscle start to hurt, is enough for the day. Go to rest. Do it with joy as long there is joyful. Not the will but with the good will”

People were adviced to have the hot baths according to their illness maybe massage, but the most sought after were the hot springs located in nature with no facility.

If you believe that your obvious existence is a miracle, then you can believe the miracle of the forest-that-heals. Forest is life herself speaking to the senses.

###Make it simple

Armies of scientists are exploring the human body-mind complexity since whenever, and they are still before half way. Do not get in this maze even if you are one of them. It’s an endless endeavour.

So, According to Dr. Hans Selye in his book “The Stress of Life,” stress is the only disease we have to fight, and it comes in 3 forms: mechanical, emotional and nutritional.

But stress is also good: They call it, healthy stress and actually can push you to peak performance. Is a part of a meaningful life and can build resilience and encourage growth. Healthy stress is felt when you dive in the elements you are made of: water, air, rock, tree, Nature.

And this wonderful ability to heal is triggered when worry stop. When you are exposed to a medium unharmful but new (to you). And the good consequince is that we can heal, yes, we can repair ourselves, we have this mechanism. Natural ability to heal we all have, is triggered when stress stops.

The Japan culture of shinrin yoku became a science in those days. Western scientists discovered biophilia Nature is not harmful because she’s mother, craddle and harbour to us.

Nature is allways new, and this affirmation needs no arguments.

Scientists came and studied a mineral water spring used for more than a milenium to cure some eye diseases. Scientists discover no proof of positive influence, even a mild irritation produced in the first minute of the cure.

So, people walk slowly away from all their personal sources of stress, and a slight unknown phisical irritation (maybe just a massage) is triggering the self healing system.

And they start healing.

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