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About the fog and the birds in the head. And a lesson about the Universe.

Here, in Godeanu Mountains it is foggy more than 200 days a year. When the fog comes with howling winds and cold rain we call that Boanghina.

If Boanghina swallow you, you get lost (weirdly lost!) Even if you sit still, the visibility can reach a couple meters and you can see anyway only what the wind allow you to see. If lightning or an icy rain, or other strange things happen, the hardest thing to do is to stay still, although this is the indication (of the specialists).

The noises of the footsteps are heard differently, You feel the moisture in your lungs and rub your eyes and look at your palms to convince yourself that your vision is not bleached. After a few minutes the feeling that you could be anywhere on earth, on another continent or on another planet is growing stronger. I saw shelters, strange stones and it is pointless to look for them later because they are in the fog and only there.

When I am perfectly and definitely lost, a small bird flies around; (we know each other for many years) I put my backpack, raincoat and walk after her. If it disappears I keep the direction and find it waiting for me on a weed, on a rock. Minutes later I find the trail and the bird is gone. And I get lost again and She appears and leads me back on the path. 5-6 times I lose myself through the fog and this bird (there will be more …) takes me to closest path.

I didn’t tell anyone (you understand why …) until this year when in the privacy of a tea with a friend (engineer (in his head)) seeing the fog coming over us, I told how I orientate myself after the birds. ” You crazy old man, normally the birds have nests here but away from the walking path; When you get closer to their nest, they lure you further to defend their chicks. You approach another nest and another bird is teasing you and disappear where there are no more nests … on the humans made path. It’s logical! ” I put my hand on forehead and admit that he is right, he’s. rational, logical and I look quite stupid.

It is called Pantăruș ( Troglodytes troglodytes ) and it is a small, brownish sparrow. On the alpine pastures It nests in the ground. He was helping me to keep my track. He was sent by the Spirit of the Mountain so that I would not be crushed. I was living in a magical world where Nature was speaking to me and high spirits were guiding me.

Until I became rational, logical.

Magic is unexplained fenomen that works. What people noticed but did not found a (scientific) explanation. The knowledge we have compared to infinite Univers is way smaller than a piece of sand comparring to whole Earth.

So, beacuse we exist, our Univers is magic.

You live in a magic world!

So you can heal, you can see beyond any limitations, you can become… you can be.

#magic #logic #universe

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